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Star Bell Tent - 5m

Introducing our exquisite Star-Style Bell Tent, a timeless classic with a celestial twist, perfect for elevating your outdoor experience. Crafted from heavy-duty fire-retardant cotton canvas, this Bell Tent not only exudes charm but also ensures durability and safety.


Embrace the warmth with the stove hole/flap, allowing you to extend your camping season into the cooler months. Step into luxury through the large 6.5ft doors, where a spacious interior awaits. The mesh doors and windows not only invite refreshing breezes but also provide a connection to nature, while the convenient access point for electrical hook-up adds a modern touch to your outdoor retreat. Stay organized with internal pockets, designed for your convenience. Embrace versatility with roll-up sides, allowing you to tailor your tent to the weather and mood.


The center pole, complete with a loop for attaching lanterns, creates a cozy ambiance inside. Experience optimal ventilation through vents with mesh netting, while zippable windows offer the flexibility to control light and airflow. The zippable groundsheet ensures a clean and dry living space, adapting to your preferences. Weather-ready features include a screw-on rain cap for added protection and reflective guy ropes, enhancing visibility during nighttime adventures. Your safety is our priority, and a fire extinguisher is included for peace of mind.


Whether you're a seasoned camper or a first-time glamper, our Star-Style Bell Tent combines functionality and style, promising a celestial camping experience like no other. Embrace the outdoors with elegance and comfort under the stars. Includes:

• Heavy-duty fire-retardant cotton canvas

• Stove hole/flap

• Large 6.5ft doors

• Mesh doors/windows, an access point for electrical hook-up

• Internal pockets

• Roll-up sides

• Centre pole with loop for attaching lanterns.

• Vents with mesh netting

• Zippable windows

• Zippable groundsheet

• Screw on rain cap

• Reflective guy ropes

• Fire extinguisher

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