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Lawn Games

Elevate the excitement at your event with our extensive collection of both modern and classic outdoor games, enhanced by our specially crafted Phone App.

Our app adds an extra layer of fun to the competition. You can select a friend as your opponent, or if you're feeling adventurous, let the app choose a random guest for you. To make the game even more enjoyable, the app displays a selfie of your opponent, adding a unique twist to the challenge. After each game, simply input the scores into the app, and it will maintain a leaderboard of high scores, giving the competitive spirit in your group a chance to shine. (We all know that one person, right?)

The app provides original rules of play and introduces new rules or variations for added excitement.


  • Volleyball Strike - Like Spikeball but better!

  • Frisbee Golf

  • Corn Hole

  • Horseshoes

  • Giant Yahtzee

  • Jenga JS7 - The largest official Jenga set available, reaching over 5ft high!

  • Lawn Darts

  • Croquet

  • Giant Four in a Row

  • Ladderball

  • Giant Chess

  • Bocce Add a competitive edge to your event with our games package and let the fun begin!

Go ahead, flick through the picks!

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