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Camp Kitchens

Enhance your outdoor cooking with our carefully selected camp kitchen setup, which is geared for convenience and ease. The 11 x 11 screened awning provides ideal coverage for peaceful outdoor activities. With a retractable stainless-steel sink, the workstation is great for outdoor cooking. For outdoor meals, gather around the trendy 60-inch round table with four hardwood seats and a beautiful tablecloth. This single vintage-style cooler brings nostalgia to camping while keeping drinks cool.


This 100-liter cooler is the ideal companion for culinary adventures, with enough capacity for perishables on long camping trips. You can cook like a pro with our broad collection of professional-grade pots and pans, designed to fulfill all of your culinary demands. The set contains tongs, a food turner, spoons, and other cooking implements. Make your favourite coffee in the Bunn coffee carafe and begin the day outside.


A milk thermos or Stanley thermos keeps liquids hot or cold to the appropriate temperature. The four-person dinner set includes dishes, bowls, coffee mugs, cutlery, and other items for an excellent eating experience. Food containers simplify camping meal preparation by storing and organizing food. Hydration is simple with a 5-gallon water bottle and a hand pump. Lighting your campsite with two desktop lights and a small flashlight will allow you to see at night. Its propane stove has two burners, making it excellent for outdoor cooking.


The huge, wheeled garbage can will help keep your campground tidy. Pack a fire extinguisher for outdoor outings and be safe. With this well-designed setup, you can effortlessly mix convenience, design, and functionality to create an unforgettable camping experience. Includes:


  • Custom-Made Outdoor Kitchen Work Bench

  • 60-Inch Round Table with Wooden Chairs

  • 70lt Standalone Vintage Style Drinks Cooler

  • 100lt Cooler

  • Professional Grade Pots and Pans

  • Full Set of Kitchen Smallware

  • Four-Person Dinner Set

  • Bunn Coffee Carafe

  • Milk Thermos and Stanley Thermos

  • Food Containers

  • 5-Gallon Water Jug with Hand Pump

  • Tabletop Lanterns and Handheld Flashlight

  • Two Burner Propane Stove

  • Large, Wheeled Garbage Bin

  • Fire Extinguisher

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